Visiting the gardens

Visiting the gardens

Schedules and rates

In 2022, the gardens of the Manoir de la Groye are open to the public Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays, from april 28th to july 17th, from 10 to 12.30am and 2.30 to 6pm.

The tour is unguided and the entrance is 3€ per visitor (free for under-12s).

The entrance is free on European Heritage days.

Guided tours by the landscape architect owner are possible any day for groups of 15 or more (5€ per person, 90′ duration).

The 12-acre gardens are a listed monument since 1977. Set on the slope of the Mont Rude overlooking the Loire, they’re organised in successive terraces:

  • overlooking the Domaine, an English-style Arboretum
  • French garden supported by its original shale retaining walls
  • below it, a Promenade, a Meadow with geometrical plots and a Vegetable garden garden at its center

The botanical collections have been enriched since 2016, with more than 850 labelled species growing in the gardens today.

The Courtyard

It is elegantly paved with sandstone and, looking South, the facade of the outbuilding is festooned with climbing Pierre de Ronsart roses, with rhododendrons and hydrangeas thriving at their feet.

Looking West, Chinese and Japanese wisterias cover the Manoir’s facade.

Looking North, the facade of the Manoir and its Tuscan loggia are kept clear.

Looking East, a mixed border is leaning back against the perimeter wall; Blue and magenta are the dominant colours.

At the Western corner, stairs lead to the Arboretum

The Arboretum

Open to visits since 2017, it offers a stroll through a series of clearings encircled by mature trees.

Thanks to its position on the slope of the Mont Rude, overlooking the Loire valley, you can make out the river and several neighbouring church towers.

Just after the stairs, under the huge Himalayan cedars, you can also make out the towers of the cathedral of Angers (looking North-West), the vineyards (looking East), and the river forest hiding the Loire.

The first clearing is delimited with katsuras and its remarkable flavours in Autumn. Along the clearing, you can also discover a tulip tree, a dwarf strawberry tree, a Persian Parrotia, and an American sweetgum.

second clearing opens towards the Loire Valley and offers views of the river and the church tower of La Daguenière on the riverbank opposite. A golden locust tree lights up the meadow in a spectacular way. Bunches of cedars, ash and birch trees encircle it.

third clearing showcases a mature Amour River maple tree. Along its borders, you can observe nice specimens of plane, mulberry and Cappadoccian maple trees.

At the end of the Arboretum, go around the tennis court to get to the Promenade

The Promenade

It leads to the North facade of the Manoir, along the period retaining walls of the French garden, and offers views over the natural and geometrical meadows, with the Angers golf course as background.

The walk is clocked with alternating cones of yew tree and bowls of box tree looking like an elegant balustrade.

Hydrangeas and rhododendrons massively planted in the past are now mature. New, rare species have been recently added to enrich the garden in a few years’ time.

At your right midway through the Promenade, pass the wooden door and walk up the gravel alley to access the French garden

The French garden

Drawn on a rectangular terrace set as a balcony over the Loire valley, it is made of four rectangular lawns with yew trees at their corners and separated by gravel alleys.

The central alley leads to the Western perimeter wall, planted with climbing roses.

Looking South, a hornbeam hedge hides the slope.

Looking North, cubes of yew tree separate the lawn from the large pergola.

It is planted with ten different grape varieties and provides a generous harvest from September to November.

Between the cubes, groups of perennial flowers alternate with places to sit and look over the geometrical meadow.

Retrace your steps to continue the Promenade

The end of the Promenade and the Great meadow

The path takes you to the huge round-leave box tree, said to be four hundred years old. Standing 27 feet tall and with a 6-foot trunk, it is listed as a “French Remarkable tree” from 2018.

The Promenade continues to the topiary garden, planted as a green setting of the North facade of the Manoir.

Accompanied by several fruit trees, two blue cedars soften the geometric impression and provide an elegant transition to the Great meadow.

The meadow is delimited by a 1-kilometer hornbeam hedge, a line of lime trees filling the garden in June with their fragrance, and two majestic rows of poplar trees.

It is divided into two parts:

  • in the foreground, a natural meadow, cut once a year, is criss-crossed by close-cropped lawn paths leading to the vegetable garden;
  • the background is made of islands of natural grass, planted with young and rare trees, whose colour should be spectacular within a few years.

Wander along the close-cropped lawn lines if you are curious; otherwise, going between the laurel hedge and the Manoir, under the échauguette, the walk ends where it started in the Courtyard


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